Note: Pursuant to regulations adopted by the Judicial Conference of the United States, information regarding restitution payments made in cases is not available to the public and may only be provided to the restitution payee (victim), to the defendant, or to counsel of record for the defendant.

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A. Case Information

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Request victim address change for restitution payments by email or mail through the U.S. Attorney's Office
Victim Address Change Form (Restitution)
C. Restitution Payment Information

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D. Notification Method

Restitution payment information to be provided by:
U.S. Mail (at the address above)
In Person (at the USDC Clerk's Office)

E. Certification

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I understand that requests for case information must be processed under the Subpoena Regulations Adopted by the Judicial Conference of United States Courts and that information may only be released to the case restitution payee (victim), the defendant or counsel of record for the defendant. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the information I have provided on this form is true and correct, and would be my testimony if I were in a court of law.

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